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Voices from Behind the Wall -Darin- aka Phatz

Updated: Jan 17

What Message I would like to send to the Streets.

01/17/2024 Choose the right way because the wrong way will lead you to prison, or you never know what could happen... Just do the right things. Make the right decisions... Choose the right path... Choose a different life. Know that its okay to fail. Everybody fails. Nobody is perfect Just never be a quitter. I hate being in prison...chose a different life. Prison is whack!! I hate being away from my family and children. I hate watching my children grow in pictures.

Being in prison you cant do none of the things that you love to do. You don't have any control in prison. You have to be on the prisons time. You can't be weak living in Prison because you will not survive. You have to be strong minded and physically strong, It is hard living in prison and having to wonder about your family outside these walls.

When it comes to ones mindset. what are some of the things you are thinking about and reflecting on??

I think about being free. I think about being home with my kids. I've taken accountability for everything that I've done wrong. Why was I involving myself around certain people? Putting to much trust in certain people that were not real or did not have my best interest, Now, I do not deal with many people because I see being in here that they weren't real to begin with . Now that I sit here I reflect on a lot of things, I did throughout my life. Part 2 coming soon

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