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Updated: Jan 17

Sample Titles: Welcome to my Passion

A to Z Advocacy and Reentry Org Ltd, and A to Z Advocacy and Reentry LLC.

Hello guys, My name is Donata, and I currently hold an AABA, BS, MBA, my goal was to working in Healthcare and I still love healthcare. Healthcare is one of the areas where there are so many of us here in the U.S. struggle with, do not have, are are uneducated about.

However, I also have children, and one of them has had some struggles with the law. His struggles with the law has caused him to be incarcerated. Now don't get me wrong, he has always maintained employment when home, but he has also had to go to prison.

So with that being said, while incarcerated. I started helping people he would say needed help. Meaning; a document, a call or just a little peace of mind. Sometimes when one goes to prison they are forgotten about, or they may not have anyone, or know how to read or write, and that is where I come in to assist.

My son has been incarcerated since 2016, and I have started this 501 c(3) and I help those behind the wall moving forward to their reentry. We are working to keep these young men and women from going back to prison. I may need write documents, make a phone call or two, go to court, pick up someone that is being released, or hire someone to work for the LLC, ( WFH) work from home. or research and reach out to attorneys etc. A to Z Advocacy is here and we are fighting for the rights of those that need our help.

Please understand, I help those that are willing to help themselves and want to move forward to a better life only. We don't have time for shenanigan's.

My passion is helping those that cant help themselves, but those that think they are playing games can go play in moving traffic.

This is just my introduction and I am looking forward to continued conversations about real world issues, I do NOT welcome any politics on this page. We take donations for our incarcerated loved ones as well if you would like to donate to our cause.

Click the button to subscribe to the blog. Lets talk, and have some conversations,


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